Intellectual Property

Regulus has established a robust intellectual property portfolio relating to microRNA drug products and the modulation of microRNA to treat disease. In addition, through its founding companies, Regulus has access to broad and dominant intellectual property estates related to oligonucleotide therapeutics and chemical modifications and delivery technologies useful for microRNA therapeutics. We believe that Regulus has a leading intellectual property position relating to the discovery, development, delivery and commercialization of microRNA therapeutics.

Our portfolio includes:

  • over 250 patents and patent applications that we own or have in-licensed, related to microRNA drug products and therapeutics uses, and microRNA drug design.
  • numerous patents and patent applications exclusively licensed from our founding companies related to RNA technologies, including chemical modifications and delivery technologies.

Our objective is to continue to expand our intellectual property estate through a multi-layered approach in order to protect our microRNA therapeutics and to maintain our leading position in the field of microRNA therapeutics.

Through a combination of product-specific and platform technology-based patents, we create multiple layers of patent protection for each of the technologies that related to an individual microRNA drug product, for example:

  • microRNA drug product composition-of-matter
  • Therapeutic uses of microRNA drug products
  • Drug design-based modulation of microRNA activity
  • Chemical modifications of microRNA modulators
  • Delivery technologies

Additional intellectual property, including substantial know-how, arises from our expertise in bioinformatics, drug discovery tools, and microRNA biology.